Delightfully silly, off-kilter, and unexpectedly sweet. It’s the sort of movie where the cast makes or breaks everything, and here, they make it. Thanks to them, “Bickford Shmeckler” becomes instantly huggable, a warm charm hanging over the entire production. It’s the sort of small-scale comedy that invites multiple viewings, just so we can spent a little more time with these fascinating folks.

-- David Cornelius,

Boasting a fantastic ensemble, a winning sense of humor, a few sly little surprises, and a lot more brains than you'd normally expect from a campus comedy, the flick doesn't fall into any easy categories, but it's a creative and understated little winner all the way.

Scott Weinberg, The Stranger

Appealingly offbeat college comedy, produced by the right-here-in-Seattle gang at Vulcan Productions. Young Bickford (Patrick Fugit) has written a book that consists of "a unified theory of everything"; when a pretty sorority girl (Olivia Wilde) swipes it, suddenly the campus is transformed into a sort of junior think tank. Fugit, with his blazers and weirdly formal speech patterns ("I'm no geek, you knave"), makes a fine antihero, and writer/director Scott Lew keeps things clever and funny.

Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times


First-time writer/director Scott Lew does a top-notch job, collecting an eclectic cast, honing an intriguing concept, and delivering a visual presentation that's clean, fluid, and crisp. The leads, Fugit and Wilde, deliver a pair of excellent performances. This might be the actor's best work since his Almost Famous breakout ... and then there's this Olivia Wilde girl. You heard it here first, folks: This gal's absolutely the "next big thing," whatever that means. Not just breathtakingly beautiful, Wilde brings a warmth and magnetism to every scene she graces.

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Fugit’s performance as the often-troubled Shmeckler is absolutely super. He can handle the comedy during the humorous parts, even taking a couple pratfalls for the team. He also easily faces the dramatic parts with a true genuineness that doesn’t have a hint of cheese.

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An old-school campus comedy with an earnest be-yourself vibe, Bickford is an assured first feature for former Beacon Pictures exec Lew, with a winning cast and an infectious spirit.

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