Starring Patrick Fugit as the unfortunately named lead character, this narrative feature film tells the story of Bickford Shmeckler and ‘The Book’ of metaphysical rhetoric he authored. Apparently the philosophies in The Book are so mind bogglingly brilliant that everyone who reads it experiences the ‘braingasm’ as well as an insuppressible urge to share it with the world. When Sarah, a nymph stoner artist sorority girl, steals The Book following her own foray into cerebral ecstasy, she unknowingly starts The Book on a journey that eventually finds it in the hands of a publisher.

Fugit’s performance as the often-troubled Shmeckler is absolutely super. He can handle the comedy during the humorous parts, even taking a couple pratfalls for the team. He also easily faces the dramatic parts with a true genuineness that doesn’t have a hint of cheese. I’m also equally impressed with the lovely Olivia Wilde. Her enthusiasm as Sarah is contagious and she handles all the metaphysical banter with convincing ease.

Director Scott Lew apparently took around nine years to finally get this debut film made. For a first timer, I think Lew did an amazing job helming a pretty big movie with many talented cast members. It didn’t feel like a ‘festival film’ to me at all. I understand that he is still seeking a distributor, but I really don’t think he should have any problem. I think a lot of people will really enjoy this film.

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